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Dermatographia / hives treatmentThough this tremendously unpleasant dermatological condition is generally known as hives, there are several kinds of urticaria that fall under the classification. Most of these have similar expressions but there could be some differences in the symptoms and the triggers.

Learning more about the type of urticaria that you suffer from is the first step towards finding effective hives treatments. To cure hives, you need to observe your body and the irritants or allergens that it reacts to.

Acute Urticaria

Acute urticaria is really common in children but it could affect adults, as well. Statistics show that acute urticaria is caused by an infection in 37 percent of the cases in adults and 57 percent of the cases in children.

Urticaria is classified as acute if the symptoms continue for less than six weeks. The most common triggers of acute hives include foods, cosmetics, medicines and even latex. Avoiding these triggers ranks among the best hives treatments.

Stress can make acute urticaria worse. Hives stress is also serious. Because of the severity of the symptoms, a vicious cycle gets created and it may be difficult to break out. Finding effective stress management techniques will be crucial for getting rid of the red, itchy bumps.

Chronic Urticaria

As the name suggests, this condition continues for a longer period of time. Chronic urticaria is defined as symptoms persisting for more than six weeks. These could be present all the time or they could come and go. To cure hives that has chronic nature, one will again need to identify triggers.

It is much more difficult to identify the cause of chronic urticaria. Autoimmune problems, hormone problems and chronic infections are often to blame for the condition. Nearly 20 to 30 percent of the children that suffer from acute urticaria caused by an infection may proceed to get chronic urticaria in the future.

Chronic urticaria could persist for years or even decades. It may disappear suddenly or reoccur after a long period of time without a flare-up.


Dermographism is a highly specific type of hives. The hives treatments for dermographism patients depend entirely on the nature of the condition and the specificity of its triggers.

Dermographism is characterized by the appearance of red bumps, even if the skin is stroked lightly. The redness and swelling will appear precisely at the spot where pressure has been applied.

Avoiding physical stimuli is obviously the best option to cure hives that is classified as dermographism. Reduction of stress is also crucial because it may cause severe flare-ups.

Heat can trigger dermographism and the same applies to tight clothing. Some people experience it after working out, some get red bumps if they rub a towel vigorously in their skin after a shower. The exact cause of this reaction, however, is still unidentified.

There are several other kinds of urticaria likes hives caused by cold, solar urticaria, delayed pressure urticaria and even hives caused by contact with water. Talking to a dermatologist and having several tests performed will be essential for identifying the type and choosing among the numerous hives treatments.

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