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Dr. Katz in LAHave you ever thought about what kind of dentist you want to be – and not in the ‘I want to be a princess when I grow up’ sort of way, more of a ‘how do I want people to feel when they leave my consultation room’ kind of way. Every dentist wants to work hard at making sure that their patients feel better physically, but what about the emotional ramifications that often go alongside the physical changes, for better or for worse? This is where being a different kind of dentist is something that we think dentists should strive for: a dentist who is not just preoccupied with wondering whether or not that infection can copy with a root canal, but whether a patient feels happy and confident in the way that their teeth and mouth looks.

This is something that Dr Howard Katz has focused on for much of his dental career, leading him to create a training course for dentists that could quickly change your approach to your patients’ cosmetic appearance. Dentox is a training programme that teaches dentists to administer Botox and other types of dermal fillers so that you can offer your patients so much more than the standard physical fix up. What about patients who are deeply insecure and unhappy about the way that their faces look, and do not have anyone else to turn to?

Being a dentist is to hold a position of trust, and when a patient who trusts you comes to you and asks for help in improving their emotional wellbeing and confidence, you want to be able to have the skills in order to do exactly that. Here in Los Angeles the Dentox training program is being offered to dentists in the area so that you can do just that, and be a different kind of dentist.

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Botox Map - New York CourseFrom the very moment that you decided that you wanted to become a dentist, you have been wary of accepting any training that is not certified. After all, why would you want to waste your time, energy, brain, and money on something that will not actually enable you to use those skills later on in your career? It is something that every university, college, and training school is aware of when they advertise their dental training, and it is something that every dentist is keenly aware of. So when a dentist wants to be able to expand their skills and start to offer Botox and other dermal filler treatments to their patients, how can they go about ensuring that they can trust any training course?

First of all, you need to examine exactly who it is that is offering the training. What credentials do they have? Do they practice what they teach, and what are their patients saying about them? Secondly, you need to talk to other people who have already taken the course. Did they find the course beneficial and professional? Would they recommend that particular training course? Are they using the skills that they have learned at their dental practice? And lastly, does any organisation or body recognize the course?

Finding a good quality and certified Botox training course can be difficult, but for those who live in New York, the answer is coming really soon. Dr Howard Katz, a dentist who is also a Botox expert, has created a New York Botox course that meets all of the above requirements and called it Dentox. The one day program enables dentists to gain Botox skills in a certified environment that immediately enables them to go back to their dental practices, and offer these new treatments. Make sure that you gain your training from Dr Howard Katz, a man you can trust.

Course Information:

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