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home barn doorJust because you don’t live on a farmhouse or ranch doesn’t mean you should exclude a sliding barn door from your home. Here are a few ways to help make these space savers do the trick in any room. You may forget to shut the door and find yourself posed with the question: “Where was the barn you grew up in?” Think nothing of it because sliding barn doors happen to be a very wise choice for an interior decorator. Your average door takes up about 9 square feet of space (a pair of French doors, will be even more so). These may not sound like overwhelming numbers but, when space is limited every inch is precious. A door that is installed on a sliding track will end up taking only a few inches of floor space. What would be the biggest drawback or disadvantage? Sliding barn doors sometimes are unable to offer as much protection as compared to standard doors, which shut snuggly.

Of course, sliding barn doors won’t be ideal for every small room. You still require the necessary wall space neighboring your doorway to slide the door over. A pocket door affords you similar space economy but demands a person to install a demolition. You do not have to be an amazing DIY-er to master installing a sliding barn door, but if you feel hesitant please, hire a professional who knows exactly how to make sure your door slides smoothly and safely.

Sliding barn doors are more than meets the eye when it comes to how they are used in interior design. Modern and trending heavily now, sliding barn doors that are perfect for doorways with larger openings and spaces are that way because a standard hinged door would fail to clear. The hardware for sliding barn doors are of various styles and can range from contemporary to sleek and high end. Rugged and rustic doors also offer a certain appeal to an office or living space. A buyer would do well to remind themselves that builders and designers only choose hardware that can carry the weight of the door, which is often made of high quality materials, which are customizable to the clients’ needs.

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Master Bedroom Sliding DoorWhen you are buying a new type of closet door, or anything in general, then you should know everything about it before you spend a single dime on it. Let’s just assume that right now that you know nothing about custom sliding doors. There are four types that we will discuss: Closet Doors, Room Dividers, Pocket Doors, and Barn Doors

Wardrobe Doors
This is one of the most basic types of type of doors that you can get. It is a bit of a generic term but whenever a sliding door does not fall into the next three groups. That mean that there is a crazy amount of options that you can have with closet doors from frosted to mirrored to panels.

Apartment Dividers
Sliding room dividers are the perfect thing for the office to not only give everyone their space but to open up the room. There is nothing that will offer you the same blend of privacy and style that these doors can. The one thing you want to watch out for is room dividers that are made out of thin glass such as fiberglass since these can be easily broken.

Pouch Doors
The only thing that offers more in term of options is pocket doors which are perfect for anywhere! Pocket doors are the only type of sliding doors that can be completely customizable because of its size. You can select anything from glass to wood finish with everything that is in between. One drawback is the fact that it is popular

Outbuilding Doors
Have an opening you need closed and don’t have room for a traditional swing door or the budget to install a pocket door? If you said yes to this, then it sounds like you need barn door. It is quick to install and easy on the wallet. The options is a tad limited when you compare it to any of the doors above but it is not hard to find one in your desired finish. Barn doors have more customizable than any traditional doors.


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