Is Holistic Dentistry Misnamed?


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When it comes to holistic dentistry there are people who harbor different sentiments concerning the naming. The main reason for this is because not so many people have actually been able to understand its concept since inception. In as far as the holistic practice is concerned, this is supposed to be a procedure that pretty much applies to the entirety of your body. This is where the confusion actually comes in. The main reason for this is because of the fact that most people believe that your dentist’s work is supposed to be limited only to the mouth and the teeth, and not the rest of the body. Therefore when we start talking about a holistic dentist, things easily get confusing.

According to one of the best San Diego Dentists – “Other than the confusion on the use of the naming, the concept of holistic dentistry is something that will truly benefit you a great deal. In fact, a holistic dentist is someone who will not just treat the problem that you are having with your mouth, but he or she will treat you in general, as a person. They pretty much serve the same purpose that a holistic doctor would serve.”

What this means therefore is that when you schedule a visit to your holistic dentist, they will look at things like your diet plans, your exercise regime, the activities that you engage in from time to time and so forth. They even consider your sleep patterns, just to be sure to understand how to assist you, and not just assist you with the pain you are feeling on your teeth.

Before any kind of diagnosis is done, this dentist will make sure that they really do understand you well enough, and then from there they can recommend an appropriate treatment program for you. One of the main reasons why these dentists will often insist on such a diagnosis, is because of the fact that as long as you are not as healthy as possible in general, most of the treatment plans that would perhaps be recommended for you might not really work out.

We can therefore conclude that in most cases, the confusion will arise because of the fact that a lot of people simply regard dentists as people who deal with matters concerning the dental cavity, and nothing else. Therefore when you come across a dentist that caters perhaps to the pains that you might be experiencing in other parts of your body, this might be quite the problem for most people to grasp.

We however need to understand the link between the dental cavity and the rest of the body. All parts of the body are interconnected and interrelated with one another. This is something that you must understand, for you to appreciate the work of a holistic dentist. Things like gum disease will in fact carry bacteria that can easily compromise your health, trigger lots of other issues which could even make you sick. Therefore the role of this dentist will not only lie in treating your dental issues, but also to recommend appropriate treatment plans for you in general.



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