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Now then a gingivatomy per quadrant, again maybe a procedure that you are not currently doing but a very simple procedures that you can do with the lease. I you add one per week   $33 350 added to this practise. Gingiva flat surgery. This is the perio procedure that I was just showing you just a few moments go. Maybe you currently send toss out to the periodontist. You can do them in house. No cut, no sew m peril surgery. if you can do just one power week and I know   how many of  your patients have  periodontal tissue j but if you just did one per week  you could add $4 150 to this  practise.


Clinical  crown lengthening .If you do very  much cosmetic dentistry  I know that you are going to run in to  the  need for crown lengthen  or if you work with crowns in the posture part of the mouth  with  large deep amalgams that go down  near the born level it know you’re  going to need the crown lengthen to not violate biological width in  your restoration . So we do far more  that one of these  power week but  if you just dis one per week you could add $38 750  to this practise .


Osco surgery with the graph. These things just come up from time to time. This is every day, every way dentistry. We see patients with these problems, we have a solutions if we just did one per month we   could add $19 896 to this practise. An apical rectum y you think might be beyond your scope. I will tell you the first  time in my life my career  that it ever did in apicalectomy  I called a good  friend of mine in California  on Sunday night t  he gave me directions how to do it with a laser . I did  it  on money and since then  we’ve been doing apical atomies all the time even m on molars .So if you just do one per month  you could  add  $23 352   to this practise . In new procedures that will total up to $170 8978 that you can add.


Let look last of all at time savings .We definitely can save time with lasers, no waiting door anaesthetic in at least 80% of the cases in restorative work, faster restorative procedures. . I’m not trying to say the laser is going to cut faster than a hand piece I’m just saying that because we don’t have to wait for anaesthesia the overall process is short, we can treat multiple quadrant in one visit j instead of having to have multiple visits that it such a savings and over hit for our office and gingival trifling your crowning bridge instead of having to pack cord. . Faster   soft tissue surgical procedures. No sauterne following a lot of them the way the laser works, a lot of times we would have to serene things it the past we don’t have to do that now. surgical and restorative  procedures in one appointment for example if we are going to do a flapless or a modified close flap crown lengthening if we need to we can  go ahead an d make out r impression for our crown at  that same appointment . Surgical and  restorative procedures  during hygiene , if we have a hygiene patient that  needs a little  procedure done and we have a equity chair in a fee w minutes we can move that person over  and just  do it there instead of  bringing them back for a separate   appointment  and more efficient treatment  of emergencies and non-schedule patients  if you remember the photograph earlier of the kid who fractured  the central incisor . We did not have an appointment for them, we work them in and we did definitive treatment instead of just temporary.


One appointment root canal  most of our  root canals we are able to do in one appoint and confident that we have sterilise  the inside of the canal because of the laser  in faster and improver cosmetic procedures and  I think we have shown several examples  of those this evening already .


So  one hour per day  at  950 an hour  times 200 days per year we can add about  $190 000 to this practise so all total we will be able to add $580 048 to this $750 000 practise. That is a 77% increase. Now you say you’re crazy those are not realistic numbers actually they are realistic numbers h because those are numbers these have actually taken from our own practise but if you  think it’s too much , if you think it really, of the all that lasers can do that  lets cut it in half. Even if you can only y do half that much that’s still a 39% increase $290 000 increase on this practise. That’s enough to pay for a laser and all the canned ham or smoked ham that you can possibly eat during the year and still have $175 000 in your pocket.


Briefly it want you to think outside the box, think outside the box for the gentlemen in our office to night. Won’t you look at the bigger precise by expanding ding your practise by adding partners or associates. If it ask you the question what’s the back bone of a good practise?  There are a lot of correct answers but it think the most correct answer r is a strong and consistent flow of your patience. These are actual numbers from our practise, we put a laser in our practise in 1998 and the only thing that we did differently from here to here is that we put laser dentistry into our practise and we properly marketed it and during that time we were averaging 189 new patients over month and all we did jaws to market the fact that we had a laser to our community.


Our production also increased.  We went from one million to 2.4 million in production during that same time period.  Again the only difference between here and here is the laser in the practise and proper marketing. New patients do equal near partners or associates so we j grew a regroup practise from 97 to 2003 we were able to add two partners into the practise from 2004-2007 we wren bale to have 5 different associates in the practise. 2008 I sold out two partners and started a new practise and nice that time we now have go grown that practise over a million per year and we were talking about a buying associate. In fact it got a phone call from two people ahoy are interested in coming and looking at the practise to join us as associates.


In the end are the results worth the effort and the answer is you bet they are. As some of you may know or may have gathered from an earlier slide I do like to fly and if I’m going to trust my life to an air plane I don’t want to settle for second k best l I chose a serious aircraft to be my own [personal aircraft for a reason and one of the reason is a parachute. If all goes wrong while we are flying and there are no other solutions we can pull   a handle it rocket launches, a parachute that gooses out behind the lane, it opens up and safely floats the plane to that’s the only aircraft that has that .Even though it cost a little but more money I don’t ant to fly second best when my life depends on it. If I’m going to trust  my practise through a laser    well you know the rest of the story , I want the very best and after  having used all the lasers that are on the market  today my feeling is that  the Water Lays  MD  is by far the best laser out there  and I have used all of them .


I want to conclude tonight with laser marketing. We must learn to think like our patients think, not like dentist we must think like patients. Stewart Sink why  is  frim our are  here in fact his  parents  olive right down the street from  us  he drives  for show  but you put for dough and in talking about that and comparing that too laser marketing we can do all of our  marketing relative to operated dentistry . As you can see we do many, many procured besides operative dentistry   but thinking like the patient thinks. When a family member goes to see their dentist for a recall visits and they get home the first question that is asked is how many blank you had. The answer for the blank is how many cavities you had because patients equate the dental office to fillings. That’s what they think about. I now we do all toads other wonderful procedures but the    patients think about how many filling s I need.



With that in mind we did all off our marketing really based upon filings. No shots at the dentist suite, we talked about no shot, no drill, and no numb lift. [Mumbles] I should have used the lasers, translated I should have used the laser. Again talking about anaesthesia free restorations, not shot no drill, no numb lip. Seven R campaign was how refreshing talking about laser dentistry and aso2008 a reason to smile and then No shot No drill No numb lip. So you can see all of our marketing that’s focused around that patients think about and that is restoration. In our 2009 we have switched to a little bit different twist, lasers and cosmetic destroy because   we switch to our nee practise signature smile and then 2010 falling in love with your smile.


We do a lot of marketing. These are   some of out marketing campaigns that we sues. If you don’t  like this , talking  about if you don’t like  an injection or if you don’t like a drill or if you don’t like  a numb lip then we have those to offer you. no problem  campaign , real life situations a dental  filling , a free clean  up no problem because a lot of  our patients do leave here  and  go to a school function our a luncheon  meeting or a church function or an outing  and they are  able to  go without a numb limp an they really like that .


The  no , no, no  campaign ,  no shot , no drill , no numb  lip and this can’t  be dentistry  campaign and then we did get with the times. We did ads that related to the months in which they ran. This was our January  add , anaesthesia is so last year, talking about the fact that can  do Anaesthesia , free dentistry  ,  sweet campaign , no shots at  the dentist, eating right after a filling, you can still feel your face sweet  and these were one of my favourites .  These ads were not ours, issued a company of DR. Olsen was away dental but self-confessed ads .Talking about people that have phobias about coming to see h the dentist and how the laser releases their phobia.


I don’t know if you can hear this one our not… I front believe it’s going to. I had one of   the radio spots I ants sure that you would be able to hear that or not. We also have post cards, brochures, direct mailers, talk about laser destroy. Feel free to copy anything that we do in our practise. Our marketing is done by a dental promotional group that is here in the Florence areas. You can contact them at the number you see or Angela Bailey, [email protected]. She does a wonderful job for us and she has laser campaigns that are available for purchase if you would be interested in one of those once your purchase your laser. No fluff with proper marketing, the results can absolutely blow you away. I encourage you to take you practise to the next level. Let that rocket and enter the world of laser dentist. You mission if you decide to accept it is very possible. This is every day, every way dentistry and I’m here to tell you that if a guy in Alabama can do it then you can certainly do it too.

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